Faculties and Departments

Osaka Ohtani University, located in Tondabayashi City, in the southern part of Osaka, was founded in 1966 as a women’s university. In 2006, following the foundation of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the university became co-educational and has a student population of around 3,000.

The university is comprised of four faculties and six departments, the Faculty of Literature, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Pharmacy (more info), and each faculty can include a number of departments. The Faculty of Literature includes the Department of History and Culture, and the Department of Japanese Language and Literature. The Faculty of Education is also the Department of Education. Within the department three specialist areas are covered. These are Early Childhood Education, Elementary and Secondary School Education and Special Needs Education. The Faculty of Human and Social Sciences includes the Department of Sports and Health Sciences and the Department of Human and Social Sciences. The Department of Human and Social Sciences is itself divided into four main courses, a social welfare course, a contemporary society course, a business management and information technology course and a course in psychology.

The administration of the university incorporates a number of sections that assist students in various aspects of their student life. Amongst these is the International Exchange Office, which caters for overseas students and offers overseas study opportunities for home students.

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