Message from the University President
ASAO Hiroyoshi

Osaka Ohtani University A university which places importance on “people” and the “heart”.
A university bringing students together and nurturing the strength to overcome a difficult age.

Professor ASAO Hiroyoshi

Osaka Ohtani University welcomed its 50th year of inauguration in 2016. In its fifty-year history, the university has placed emphasis on education based on the founding principle of “repaying gratitude”. As a university which places importance on “people” and the “heart”, it has continued to raise people to approach others with a sense of mutual respect and a feeling of gratitude. From this tradition, being able to feel a sense of closeness between student and teacher or between students themselves is a special feature of this university. The university also provides an education which responds to present day needs. When the university was for women only, the university offered broad opportunities in higher education in order to foster women with leadership abilities. And even when the university became co-educational, in response to the demands of society, it also fostered students with excellent practical qualities and teachers and pharmacists with high levels of specialization and human strength. From this kind of education, the university is proud of the fact that it has seen almost 25,000 graduates.

The world is now in a period of change. A period of change where the framework of society is changing considerably. Everyone has to work his/her way through this period of dynamic change, which is difficult to forecast. In order to do this, it is necessary to acquire personal strength. This strength is the power to think and cooperate. With a foundation of deep knowledge, obtained from specialist studies, it is necessary to acquire the strength to think from multiple perspectives, to cooperate with others and to challenge difficult tasks.

This university provides an education where each individual can acquire knowledge and abilities under the educational principles of “independence”, “creativity” and “collaboration”. The university has established an education system based on small groups, where teachers can easily approach each student, communicate, and from this, stretch the ability of students to their full potential. The university also offers a wide variety of programs incorporating fieldwork and collaboration with regional societies through practical lessons, volunteer activities and internship. And from connecting these experiential studies to university classes, the students are able to deepen their own specialist knowledge and forge practical strength.

Everyone, endeavor to obtain the strength to open up a future and face new challenges at Osaka Ohtani University. The teaching staff will respond to the wishes of everyone, will counsel with kindness, at times lead, and at times protect, and with all our efforts we will provide support.

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